"Walk-Jog" Program

August 12, 2017


There are many programs designed to help people return to running.  Of course, the approach will vary according to each individual’s situation, whether recovering from injury or surgery; dealing with chronic conditions; returning to competition; or just trying to get “back into shape”.


This “Walk–Jog” program is a simple and proven approach.  It is a program that has been utilized with great success for over 30 years.  Prior to implementing any return-to-running program make sure you have clearance from your physician.  This program is designed to allow a gradual build up to a 2 mile run.  Additional running goals at that stage can be tailored to your personal athletic/fitness needs.



The “Walk-Jog” Program


Day 1                Walk ¼ to ½ mile.


Day 2-7             Progress to a 2 mile walk.


Day 8 – 28        Add “Jog-Walk” (short jogs of 50–100 yards, walking in between these short jogs).

                         Begin with 4 – 6 short jogs per a 2 mile walk.


                         With each daily “Jog–Walk”, work up to 12-16 “jogs” of 100 yards, walking in between.


                         Progress by connecting the “jogs” with less walking in between.  


                         At the end of this you should be able to jog 2 miles continuously without rest.





#1         STOP if any pain develops and consider slower progression.


#2         If you are progressing without pain or symptoms (e.g. swelling or stiffness) you can speed up the time              table to achieve a 2 mile run after 2 weeks.


#3        Contact your physician, physical therapist or athletic trainer if you have ANY 





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