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Traveling After Knee Surgery

After knee surgery, patients should take precautions when traveling distances. Trips over one hour in the car, on a bus, plane or train can potentially put recent post operative patients at risk for a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) - otherwise known as a blood clot. DVT’s can be life threatening if not treated early. Having a history of DVT or taking birth control pills further increases a patient’s risk for DVT.

Common recommendations to reduce the risk of DVT when traveling:

•Ankle pumps

•Aspirin or other DVT prophylactic medications ( always check with your surgeon first)

•Isometric exercises such as tightening and holding leg muscles for 10 seconds.

•Elevate leg if possible.

•Wear compression stockings.

•Use crutches, cane or walker if your surgeon suggests.

•When traveling through an airport use a wheelchair or porter service to assistant in transportation.

•If unable to flex the knee due to surgery, request extra leg room.

•Hydration is very important and avoid alcohol intake.

•Apply Ice and take post operative medication as directed by the surgeon.

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