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"Walk-Jog" Program

There are many programs designed to help people return to running. Of course, the approach will vary according to each individual’s situation, whether recovering from injury or surgery; dealing with chronic conditions; returning to competition; or just trying to get “back into shape”.

This “Walk–Jog” program is a simple and proven approach. It is a program that has been utilized with great success for over 30 years. Prior to implementing any return-to-running program make sure you have clearance from your physician. This program is designed to allow a gradual build up to a 2 mile run. Additional running goals at that stage can be tailored to your personal athletic/fitness needs.

The “Walk-Jog” Program

Day 1 Walk ¼ to ½ mile.

Day 2-7 Progress to a 2 mile walk.

Day 8 – 28 Add “Jog-Walk” (short jogs of 50–100 yards, walking in between these short jogs).

Begin with 4 – 6 short jogs per a 2 mile walk.

With each daily “Jog–Walk”, work up to 12-16 “jogs” of 100 yards, walking in between.

Progress by connecting the “jogs” with less walking in between.

At the end of this you should be able to jog 2 miles continuously without rest.


#1 STOP if any pain develops and consider slower progression.

#2 If you are progressing without pain or symptoms (e.g. swelling or stiffness) you can speed up the time table to achieve a 2 mile run after 2 weeks.

#3 Contact your physician, physical therapist or athletic trainer if you have ANY


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